Mummy down time 

I am so damn excited! In exactly 32 days I will be sitting by the pool in Bali with 2 of my besties sipping cocktails and soaking up the sunshine. In 32 days I will be kid free, carefree and responsibility free - ahhhhhhh. I can almost taste the freedom margaritas. 

Not every mum I come across feels the same way and that's totally ok. Everyone is different and has different needs... Like I NEED wine time hehe. I adore my kids (and hubby too!) it's just that I also adore a bit of me down time too. To read a whole book without interruption, finish a cocktail cup of tea, go to the bathroom by myself. Know what I mean? 

Last time I went away on a girls trip I came back feeling completely exhilarated and refreshed, ready to jump back into my role as mum and take on school pick up with gusto. I have no doubt this trip will be just as fabulous (no pressure girls 😜). 

It's been two whole years since I jetted off for 10 days of bliss in Hawaii with my girlfriends. You can take a look at how I was feeling the night before the trip in this post: Flying the Coup. 

When I came back I was on cloud nine. You can read about it here: Girls Trip not Guilt Trip

Do you go on an annual girls trip? 

Bring on the holiday vibes! 

One thought on “Mummy down time 

  • September 5, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    I have never had that ” time away” and so I love my mundane crap job as I get adult time. Wishing you a wonderful trip… Perhaps I will one day do the same ( fly the coup) love your article


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